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Client References

Simon & Hazel Hill

We were really impressed with Carol Bridges’ enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication during our relationship with her and the work she did for us.

In all respects she impressed us with the quality of her designs, the thoroughness of her research and her knowledge and creativity.

Our garden is important to us – but we are the first to appreciate it’s not the easiest plot to work with.  Carol’s approach made a tough job look easy, but that is not to underestimate the scale and the scope of work she delivered resulting in a design that reflects our brief and will stand the test of time.

David & Diane Silverman

We wanted to thank you for the significant help and guidance you have given us over the past few months in relation to our garden design.  There is no doubt in our mind that you have given us a design that is completely complimentary to the new building on the rear of the house and that together they form a significantly more attractive, as well as highly functional space.

You always said that one should think of the garden as an extra room and that it deserves at least as much attention – this was certainly not the attitude we had until you came on board, so thanks for making sure we did dedicate enough time and resources to it.

We were probably quite challenging clients – no clear ideas of what we wanted and no heritage in gardening – but you came at the problem creatively and managed to bring us with you on the creative journey.  At the same time though, you always managed to keep the practical aspects of the garden in mind too.  The end result is great.

Jayne Hazelton

I moved to my new house in January 2012. I realised the garden although long and thin could be transformed into a really lovely place to be in.  I had heard of Carol Bridges’ garden design skills and the fact that she was a friend of old, encouraged me to call her and get going with some plans.

Carol’s skill at listening to what I wanted, and knowledge of plants and attention to detail soon became very apparent. We shared ideas and found our tastes to be similar. Ideas soon turned into sketch drawings that were exactly what I wanted.

Carol uses a very good hard landscaping company, and along with her understanding of what will work and what is needed, she liaised with them and me to make sure we got exactly what was wanted. She also helped me with the design of my Summerhouse, which is the main feature at the bottom of the garden.

I am very happy to say that with Carol’s design skills, planting plan and real understanding of what would transform my garden into a lovely place, it was completed in July and I am loving seeing it develop and can’t wait to get out there again this summer.