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I was introduced to Carol by a mutual friend who had worked with her.  My garden was quite a project, starting from a pretty low base, with a client who only sort of knew what she wanted. Carol was a great inspiration to me.  She planned the garden with little guidance from me, and did a great job.  She introduced various tradespeople who worked hard and well, and she was never afraid to hurry them up or correct them if needed. She also sourced quality materials which look fabulous in the garden.

The garden is beautiful now and it’s only in its first season.  Everyone who comes here admires it and ask questions about the names of plants and shrubs. The money I spent on the garden is the best I spent during the whole house/garden project. It gives me enormous enjoyment.  If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the money, take it from me, it is!

I have no hesitation in recommending Carol.